Emergency Septic Tank Service

Are You Having a Septic System Emergency?

Are You Having a Septic System Emergency?

Reach out immediately for emergency septic service in Decatur, TX

Most septic system issues can be handled during normal business hours. However, some septic system problems are classified as emergencies and must be dealt with right away. DH Septic Services, LLC is proud to provide an emergency septic service for these times. Our team is ready to take your call and come out to fix the problem right away.

For emergency septic system service, call 940-577-9235 in Decatur, TX right now.

Use caution when dealing with septic issues

Most often, when your septic system backs up to the point of stopping, your yard will be flooded, or start to flood. If this happens, it's important that you stay away from the standing water and call for septic system service right away. Trying to walk through or remove standing sewer water can damage your yard, your septic tank and can make you sick.

Keep your family and neighbors away from the leak and call DH Septic Services. We'll be there to provide emergency septic service for your home in Decatur, TX immediately.